We take great pride in providing the best and most reliable products and services in the Wildlife Industry.

About Us

Company Profile:

Global Supplies has been at the cutting edge of delivering top class products and services to the wildlife industry for the last 16 years. As a result of this reputation in the industry, its network has grown tenfold and still continues to grow!

JJ Van Altena

Our services include Elephant Immuno-contraception, Reserve consultancy and management, Wildlife Capture, Translocation as well as the supply of various wildlife industry related products including and not limited to: Pneudart Darting Equipment, Sirtrack Wildlife Tracking Solutions, Camera Traps, Fencing (as approved by South African National Parks and Nature Conservation authorities), Pharmaceuticals ( Scheduled and non – scheduled ), Wildlife Insurance, Microchips and scanners , Eartags , Passive and mass capture equipment , helicopter services , Anti -Poaching equipment and expertise.

We also export animals worldwide ( From antelope to Elephant ) and our facilities are fully approved by the various regulatory bodies in South Africa as well as International bodies.

Whilst providing cost effective and practical solutions to complex wildlife management and research objectives, we have developed a deep understanding of the industry needs. We pride ourselves on delivering excellence in customer support as we solve the unique challenges that the wildlife industry present us.

To continue delivering on our values and exceeding our customers' expectations we have chosen to partner with only the best leaders in design and manufacturing of specific products.

Global Supplies is owned and managed by JJ van Altena.

JJ spent seven years in the Kruger National Park (KNP) where he was involved with game capture, Elephant contraception research and implementation.

During this time he also gained extensive experience in all aspects of various wildlife relocation projects - from Ground Hornbill to Elephant. His knowledge base extends to the diverse field of wildlife management. JJ assisted in the aerial tracking of various collared animals within the KNP as part of on-going research projects. After leaving the Park , JJ continued with relocation efforts – including relocating the majority of Elephant that now occur on Private Reserves.

For the past 16 years JJ has been building relationships with various role players in the local as well as international conservation community.

Global Supplies was the result of several organizations requesting his expert advice on applications within the wildlife arena.


Recently Jaco Mattheus joined the company. He has proven to be an invaluable asset with his wealth of knowledge and experience in the wildlife industry. Jaco started his career with a three year stint in Kruger National Park. This gave him the opportunity to get involved with all the varied aspects of wildlife management and research that was conducted in the park.

After this, Jaco got involved in the Private Game Capture industry, where he gained vast experience in the capture of wildlife using various capture methods over a large spectrum of species , including the capture and relocation of Roan antelope from Botswana to South Africa.

In 2003, an opportunity presented itself to Jaco to take up reigns as Wildlife Manager on a large private reserve in Natal. During his seven years as Warden of this Reserve, Jaco obtained exposure to the various telemetry options that are available to the industry, due to the numerous research projects undertaken in the Reserve. He gained invaluable insight into what it takes to manage a Reserve that is at the forefront of private conservation efforts. He was also asked to give input into the formulation of an Elephant management plan by the provincial conservation authority – the only private individual asked to assist.

We take great pride in the services that we offer and endeavor throughout to ensure our clients satisfaction. There is no project that doesn’t get tackled with the passion and experience that we have amassed and we guarantee the utmost levels of service and success at all times.