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VECTRONIC Aerospace GmbH

VECTRONIC Aerospace GmbH
VECTRONIC Aerospace is dedicated for creating reliable and innovative tracking products for wildlife research. We have supplied GPS collars for over 80 species in 50 countries. The company was founded in July 2000 and since then we have grown into one of the leading companies producing wildlife tracking equipment. This has been established via successful studies and continuous development. The biggest thanks we owe to our customers who are our most important asset in everything we do. Africa has several of the nature’s most beautiful wonders including many unique species. VECTRONIC Aerospace is dedicated to conservation and wildlife science. We are proud to provide tools which help understanding the animal behaviour better and finding ways for our coexistence. Especially in Africa, where conflicts between wildlife and humans are a growing concern, we sincerely hope that we can help protecting precious life and landscape.

Animal welfare is an important matter for us. It is necessary to study the animals to protect them, but GPS tracking should not affect nor change their behaviour. We follow guidelines not to exceed 1-2% of the actual bodyweight of the animal with our collars. Because all the species have unique physical features, we have developed ideal packaging solutions for different applications

VECTRONIC Aerospace provides reliable GPS collar solutions which have been used in wildlife telemetry projects for several years  The GPS PLUS series has been continuously updated but recent developments in hardware and completely new technology available needed a general new set-up –namely the new VERTEX family which includes state of the art hardware such as more accurate GPS receivers, smaller and more energy efficient satellite communication modules and many more things. It outclasses the former generation on all levels.

VECTRONIC offers 2 collar branches, the VERTEX Survey series and the GPS PLUS successor VERTEX PLUS.
The VERTEX Survey collar is engineered and designed for long-term survey and survival studies. They generate GPS and status data and send regular updates using satellite communication. The unique one-housing design enhances field reliability in long time studies and allows the usage from the shelf on a variety on species.

A perfect tool for long term observations in contrast to a high detail study with specific questions answerable by the VERTEX Plus collars.
The VERTEX Plus collar series is a highly flexible and customizable collar system and is the ultimate tool for wildlife scientists having a solution for most every study, question and species. Whatever sensor set-up, whatever size and collar design you need for your study and study animal, the VERTEX Plus will meet your needs.

The GPS positions are the key data provided by our GPS collars, providing you with information about small scale movement, home ranges and migration. With additional options and sensors, the collars can provide you with a lot more data than just GPS locations.

Our collar sensors can provide you with data on activity, habitat use, individual’s health (ACTIVITY SENSOR, VERTEX Plus collars only), mortality and cause of death (MORTALITY SENSOR) and surrounding temperature (TEMPERATURE SENSOR). The external sensors are our latest product innovations for the VERTEX Plus collars. They can provide you with data on intra- and intergroup interactions as well as true physiological data from an individual. Some examples include group coherence or predator-prey behaviour (UHF ID TAGS), birth events (VAGINAL IMPLANT), mother-fawn relationship (EXPANDABLE FAWN COLLAR) and for the first time instant mortality detection and physiological data as for example body temperature (MORTALITY IMPLANT).

We manufacture collars according to your requirements and study needs. The belt circumference, shape, width, colour, thickness, VHF Frequency etc. are customized each time according to the species and project in question. Same counts for battery shape and size and also housing. We are also able to do some customizing if no standard set-up fits your needs.

Depending on your study objectives and configuration, the collars will be equipped with the sensors, drop offs and communication options you have chosen. The collars will be delivered to you ready programmed according to your instructions. All you need to do is to test them and they are ready to go.

Define your very own GPS schedules and fit them to your study and to the seasonal changes in the life of the animals. Depending on the remote communication the schedules can be changed after deployment remotely. You are also able to program different GPS schedules which will apply at different situations (VERTEX Plus collars only). With the Virtual Fence you can define separate schedules for different areas (protected areas) and with our Proximity Sensor you can define schedules for specific encounters (predator – prey encounters or small scale structures such as waterholes). This makes it possible to get a highly detailed picture of your study species movement and behaviour in important situations and in the areas of special interest.

We produce only first class products at VECTRONIC Aerospace designed, engineered and built in Germany. We take pride in our product reliability and therefore we offer a 2-year warranty on all electronic parts in our GPS collars
Our Elephant collars have been in high demand due to their functionality and reliability throughout Africa.
They have been deployed in many National Parks and smaller Reserves as part of Human Elephant conflict mitigation , monitoring for research on range use and corridors as well as Immunocontraception projects.
More recently , these units have been endorsed by Iain Douglas Hamilton of Save the Elephants as the most outstanding collars they have ever used in terms of reliability , durability and high percentage of data throughput.
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