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Title Hits
Blo-Jector Kit Hits: 10057
X-Caliber Projector Hits: 16934
X-2 Projector Hits: 9151
Model 389 Projector Hits: 25971
  • Model 389 The Model 389 is the latest and most advanced cartridge-fired projector of the modern day era. Although unique,
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  • X-Caliber Pneu-Dart’s most recent innovation – the X-Caliber – has become the most attractive and practical gas-based dart projector ever built. Released
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  • Pneu-Dart Blo-jector Kit With Type ‘P’ darts, our economical Blo-Jector device can be effective from 1 to 30 ft. and
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  • X-2 Projector Pneu-Dart is pleased to announce the most innovative and practical gas-based dart pistol—the X-2. Constructed of durable 6061
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