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Customer Feedback



Earlier this year I saw the darts being advertised by the Global Supplies catalogue that was emailed to clients.
I purchased 20 type C slow release 1.5 cc darts with 1inch barbed needle with side port holes and started using them. I decided to do an evaluation on the following:

Stability and consistence of the flight
Setting of the gun for the weight of the loaded dart
Resistance to the impact
Inspection of the plunger to evaluate full discharge
Inspection of the outside of the dart for cracks
Bleeding at the site of penetration
Knock down times of the animals

With the new darts I have darted blesbok, wildebeest, some young buffalo and sable
The outcome is excellent:
Stable on flight - darted up to 40 m with great accuracy, consistence in all the shots.
The settings used of the gun was 2, 3 or 4 with green blanks.
Resistance to the impact – the darts worked well even with greater impact when used on young buffalo at a distance of 40 m
The plunger went all the way down the barrel of the dart.
The darts did not develop any cracks and the material and the needle remained intact.
There was much less bleeding from the point of penetration , this also improved drug induction . (As routine in all barbed darts I cut the barbs shorter to avoid the internal cutting of the tissues)
The knockdown times were very good , showing total injection and absorption of the drugs as a result
It is a great improvement on the previous 1.5 cc and we looking forward to have the technique available to a 2 and 3cc dart

Dr Luis Amaral – State Veterinarian

Baie baie dankie – Jy is die beste este ooit !
Liezel Ahlers – Laeveld Agrochem

The giraffe blindfolds you supplied worked quite well. They fitted nice and snug on the head of the giraffe and there was no chance they could see out. I will order some more blindfolds from you soon!
Dr Pete Morkel – Veterinarian

Thanks very much for this. The collars look great
Dr Luca Mendes – Veterinarian

The Raptor handheld device works great – thank you !
Ken Stratford – Ongava Research Centre Namibia

We are thrilled with the rhino hoods, they were delivered this morning - Thank you very much!
Faye, Simone and René
The Cycle of Life

A sincere thanks to JJ for his competent assistance.
Corne Anderson – Venetia Game Reserve , De Beers Group of Companies

We bought 50 Cuddeback C-Range camera traps from you earlier this year. They have worked really well and we've been very impressed!
Matthew Wijers – Researcher

In general there is a lot of interest within African Parks. Your products definitely do seem to be the way forward !
Ian Pollard
Field Operations Manager
Liuwa Plain National Park
African Parks Zambia

Baie dankie vir julle, sal julle definitief weer gebruik!
Jan Venter – Voorwaarts Safaris

Fantastic JJ! Thanks ever so much.
Hayley - Boskoppie Lion And Tiger Reserve

Thank you for being so efficient!
Linda de Villiers – Charlgrove Trust

I am impressed with your prompt response.
Pieter Raath

Jaco Mattheus, you always understood the worries which came with purchasing costly research equipment. Your background in conservation makes you a trust-worthy supplier, as you understand the challenges and risks coming with wildlife research. Thank you for your help and guidance !
Elsa Bussiere – PhD Candidate , Animal Demography Unit,
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cape Town

Thanks for the notification and thanks for helping me with my order you really helped a lot.
Monique Shanahan – University of Pretoria

It's been a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to receiving the equipment
Tony Hewitt , Researcher USA

We have used the sirtrack product for some time and have good experiences to date!
Rudi Williams
Operations Manager
Veterinary Wildlife Services – Kimberley
South African National Parks

It would be a pleasure to use you for pneudart supplies in the future based on your professional, helpful and efficient work.
Gemma Campling

Thank you so much – I received the package yesterday afternoon.
I appreciate your extremely good service.
Dr Andreas Gaugler

Thanks, I did get and most pleased.
James Thompson – Rockdale

Baie dankie vir jou vinnige terugvoer.
Die Youtube videos aangaande die GMS verduidelik baie goed en gee mens ‘n goeie idee van hoe die program werk. Dit sal rekordhouding verseker vergemaklik.
Colette Labotski

Willie Viljoen referred me to you, we are looking at purchasing a dart gun, and he said that your products are the best.
PJ Symington
Uganda Wildlife Safaris

Ons het laas by julle pole syringes gekoop wat baie mooi gewerk het.
Andreas de Lange

Thank you Audrey for your time and great work you and JJ do for DGR regarding the elephants.
Adri Schwartz
Dinokeng Game Reserve

Thank You so Much!!!
Justin Ramsden
Capra Stud Farm

Thank you so much for all your help.
Francois van Huyssteen

From the DGR we would like to thank you and JJ for a very interesting and informative talk on the “ problem elephants”. Thanks for making time in your busy life and time away from your families. I think our residents realize now that there are many aspects that can have an influence on our elephant’s behaviour and that we have a responsibility when around them.
We are in the process of taking positive steps to mitigate this human elephant conflict and will also call upon you and JJ for further guidance.
David Boshoff
Dinokeng Game Reserve

You guys are amazing!!!! Thank you so much!
Kwaggasvley Veterinêre Dienste

Thank you Global Supplies! You help to keep this all moving forward with all the collars, Anti-poaching and monitoring equipment you provide.
Niassa Carnivore Project Mozambique

Thank you very much Jaco. Great service as always.
Jed Bird - Rhino Capture Officer, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife

The project is going well thanks and all Vectronics collars are working well. I recently contributed performance data from the Vectronics and other collars that we have deployed to a large scale research project on the use of satellite collars in wildlife research. Comparing the two, the Vectronics are much better performance (in terms of successful GPS fixes). I am still planning to write up a short piece on this for Africa Geographic or a similar publication….I just need more hours in the day!
Dr Anna Songhurst
EcoExist Trust – Botswana

Thanks so much Jaco.
I have submitted my PhD for examination. I have mentioned your valuable assistance in the acknowledgements.
Dr Nimmi Seoraj-Pillai
Ph.D., Zoology (WITS)
PG. Dip. Ed. (Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Finland)
Programme Coordinator: Department of Nature Conservation
Senior Lecturer & Postdoctoral Researcher – Tshwane University of Technology

Thank you again for your excellent service!
Ashleigh Owen - Dunvet Veterinary Clinic

Thank you for your swift response.
The Elephant collars work fantastic, thank you very much. We've had no issues since deployment.
It's really great to monitor them like this and have a little peace of mind that they're doing okay!
Estie - Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve ,The De Beers Group of Companies

We are very pleased with the VHF Receiver, and the prodders are working like a dream compared to some of the other brands we have been using!
Guy Hausler
Veterinary Wildlife Services , Skukuza , Kruger National Park

Thank you for your excellent service!
Brian Reeves – Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism

Baie dankie vir die fantastiese diens!
Louis Kernes

Baie dankie vir julle goeie diens!!
Naas Grobler

It has been a pleasure working with you !. I appreciate all of the support with all of my many (very many!) questions. It’s very clear that you guys care a lot about your customers.
Eli Walker – Cheetah Conservation Fund Namibia

Ek het regtig respek vir jou volgehoue commitment rondom die saak Jaco, en voel goed om te weet besighede gee nog om vir hulle kliente!
Nogmaals dankie en sal beslis weer met jou besigheid doen...
Joe Coetser

Our GMS program is all up and running thank you for your support!
Cher Muller – Namibia

Thank you very much for the speedy processing!
Dr. Axel M. Hartmann (BVSc) – Veterinarian - Bicornis Veterinary Consulting cc, Namibia

Thank you for the dispatching of the extractor pin. We don't need any darts at this moment, but will surely let you know as soon as we do. Thank you very much for your good service... We really appreciate it!
Mandie Needham - Bejane Veterinary Services

Thank you for the great service!
Louis Nel

Thank you so much for your always excellent service.
Ashleigh Owen - Dunvet Veterinary Clinic

Baie dankie vir al jou moeite.
Tokkie Prinsloo - Bloem Veeprodukte cc

Dr Niel received his darts in time, thank you very much.
Marina Kruger – Croft Animal Hospital

Duisend dankies vir die vinnige antwoord en advies op Cameratraps.
Leandri Gerber – Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism

Baie dankie ek waardeur jou hulp en moeite!!
Bronwyn Venter

Thank you so much, also for testing the collars in advance.
I was planning to test them thoroughly, but thanks for doing that as well.
Thanks again for your support in getting this done so quickly, and chat soon.
Karl Weber – Makutsi

Many thanks for all your efforts and I am very interested to find out the data of these collars.
Peter Sanders – Desert Lion Project, Namibia

Moerse dankie vir die vinnige diens... WEEREENS!
Dr Juan Batt – Batt’s Veterinary Services

Many thanks again to Jaco & JJ - you're my Heroes of the day!
Dr Simone Klebbe – Namibia

They asked me for a recommendation of a supplier for telemetry equipment for the work that they are involved with in Limpopo. I have included Jaco Mattheus from Global Supplies in this email. Global Supplies provides us with all of our equipment and advice on an ongoing basis, they have lots of experience in this field with a strong supplier base, and provides really high-quality service. I would highly recommend that you guys work through them to source the equipment that best suits your needs.
Taryn Gilroy – Wildlife ACT

Thank you again for your fantastic service yesterday, much appreciated.
Tengy Madonsela

We just received our blindfold and prodder! The blindfold looks incredible - Thank you!!!
Dr Zoe Glyphis – Saving the Survivors

From my side thanks for all the support with this initiative – it is great to have you guys on board and hopefully something we can develop into the future. Your support and sponsorship with regards Expedition Africa 2017 and Team Ubejane is much appreciated.
Dr David Zimmermann
SANParks: Veterinary Wildlife Services (VWS)

On behalf of SA National Parks - Veterinary Wildlife Services, Team Ubhejane, it is noted with appreciation and humble thanks for your contribution to enabling our team to participate in Expedition Africa 2017 in the Baviaanskloof.
Team Ubhejane is about promoting a healthy, outdoor lifestyle and wellness amongst SANParks employees and inspiring passion for the environment in which they work, indirectly creating awareness about the plight of conservation.
Without partners like yourselves, participation in this event would have been much more challenging due to the nature of a multi-discipline adventure race and the costs involved.
Rudi Williams
SANParks: Veterinary Wildlife Services (VWS)

Thanks JJ,
The transmitter darts worked well!
Dr Pete Morkel

We have the Elephant collars integrated with DAS now. I think things are working well there and we are very happy with the collars.
Dr Jake Wall – Save the Elephants

I’m quite excited to be able to use “proper” collars for a change, thank you!
Aliza le Roux (PhD), University of the Free-State

Thanks so much for the Rhino hoods, they were fantastic!
Claudia Henkel – Sun International

Thank you so much for the help & info & speedy responses on collars!
Natasha de Woronin Britz – Erindi Game Reserve, Namibia

Thank you so much Jaco, for all the hard work and info you've included here!
Maxine Whitfield-Smit
PhD candidate - Centre for Coastal Palaeoscience, NMMU

We received the new package, thank you. This is by far the best customer service I've received in my life. Thank you for all your trouble and great service. We will definitely make use of your services again in the future.
Marischa Venter

Thanks for all the help, the antenna worked great and I have already been able to find the female we were looking for!
Thanks also for all the information on the Sirtrack collars! They look great and I am definitely interested in using these types of collars for any future research I am involved in. I like that they have the drop off mechanisms...
Declan Morris

Many thanks for getting everything together for us.
Colin Edwards – Debshan Ranch, Zimbabwe

Baie dankie. Sal verseker baie besigheid met julle doen van nou af!!
Morne Blaauw

Waaoh! Thank you so much for your quick and prompt reply.
I have some insights now, thanks.
Dr Emmanuel Macha
Veterinary Officer - Mkomazi National Park, Tanzania

Shipment is here already - good work!
Ken Stratford – Ongava Research Centre

The Satellite collar went out to the pack of Wilddog on Sunday! So far all good, thanks for your help over the weekend!
Glyn Maude – Kalahari Research & Conservation, Botswana

It was a pleasure working with you last year and maybe some time again in the near future.
Alastair Nelson – Country Director,
Wildlife Conservation Society - Mozambique

Wow! That was truly amazing!
The collar info is now all available… Thank you very much for that.
Dr Flip Stander – Desert Lion Project, Namibia

Baie dankie vir jou moeite. Waardeer opreg.
Gert van der Merwe

Fast! Thanks!
Greg Bond - Senior Section Ranger, Mountain Zebra National Park

Many thanks for your prompt reply, it is much appreciated.
Dr Rowan Leeming
Veterinarian - EKZN Wildlife

Thanks so much for the fast response, as always!
Cathy Dreyer
Black Rhino Monitoring Coordinator - Black Rhino Guardianship Programme
Kruger National Park

JJ, on behalf of the SYMCO committee at Onderstepoort and all of our delegates, we would like to say a huge thank you for your involvement in our Symposium. We really appreciate all that you did.
It was a massive success and a life changing experience for all. Without your involvement SYMCO 2017 would not have been as great an experience as it was.
Thank you for being part of our darting day. Everyone really enjoyed doing some target shooting with your dart guns and found your talk very informative. Thank you for giving us this great opportunity.
Tim Everett - SYMCO 2017

Thank you very much!
Dr Johan Kriek

Just received Rhinovax now as well.Thanks again for your and JJ’s efficiency!
Kerry – Robberg Veterinary Clinic

Baie dankie vir die goeie diens.
Rita Riekert – Re a Lora Game

From the DGR we would like to thank you and JJ for a very interesting and informative talk on the “ problem elephants”. Thanks for making time in your busy life and time away from your family’s. I think our residents realize now that there are many aspects that can have an influence on our elephants behaviour and that we have a responsibility when around them
David Boshoff – Dinokeng Game Reserve

Baie dankie ek waardeer jou hulp en moeite!!
Bronwyn Venter – Izinyathi

On the 29th of October WRSA-EC members enjoyed our first Annual Conference and Gala dinner, and everyone is already looking forward to the next one in 2017. On behalf of the WRSA-EC Executive Committee, I want to extend a heart-felt thank you for your commitment to making this event so successful. Your generous sponsorship helped to make our vision of a conference, gala dinner and awards ceremony in the Eastern Cape a reality. Please know that you are truly appreciated and that we look forward to our partnership with you. With your support, WRSA can operate very effectively in the Eastern Cape.
Gerhard Reyneke – WRSA Chairman Eastern Cape

Thanks a ton for the info and assistance!
Dave Druce – Park Ecologist Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife


On the 29th of October 2016 WRSA-EC members enjoyed our first Annual Conference and Gala dinner, and everyone is already looking forward to the next one in 2017.
On behalf of the WRSA-EC Executive Committee, I want to extend a heart-felt thank you for your commitment to making this event so successful.
Your generous sponsorship helped to make our vision of a conference, gala dinner and awards ceremony in the Eastern Cape a reality.
Please know that you are truly appreciated and that we look forward to our partnership with you. With your support, WRSA can operate very effectively in the Eastern Cape.
Gerhard Heyneke Chairman: WRSA-EC

Baie dankie vir al julle moeite!
Dr. TG Spies

Baie dankie vir die goeie diens sal weer gebruik maak van julle.
Lawrence Rowe

Baie dankie, het my pakkie gekry en klient is doodhappy! Baie dankie vir jou flinke diens Vrydag, ek waardeer dit baie!
Lizemarie Flynn

Baie dankie en lekker dag vir julle.
Dankie vir julle vinnige diens!!
Tussenpan Boerdery

Ja , the joys of prodders!! Those yellow one are the best !!
Lourens De Lange
Operations Coordinator
Veterinary Wildlife Services - Kimberley
SA National Parks

We have analysed success rates of your Elephant collar and are suitably impressed.
Our technical appreciation has been made and can gladly be shared. We would definitely like to take things to the next level with you.
Iain Douglas Hamilton
Save the Elephants – Kenya

The Elephant collars are all working well thanks and we are getting some excellent data.
Dr Anna Songhurst
EcoExist Trust – Botswana

We have received all samples now - Great working with you!!!
Carola – Mount Etjo Lodge , Namibia

Baie baie dankie vir julle uitstekende diens en kort tyd waarin julle ons gehelp het. Ons waardeer dit opreg!!
Doryn Coetzer

So far I find GMS Africa a very nice and user-friendly program and I will definitely recommend it!
Linda de Villiers
Charlgrove Trust

Thanks a ton once more for the tracking units – I owe you !
Bruce Dyer
Dept Environmental Affairs – Oceans & Coast Project

On the whole the Sirtrack collars have proven pretty reliable. I like the flexibility provided by the Iridium network namely that we can change data harvesting rates on the fly…
Dr Laurie Marker
Cheetah Conservation Fund – Namibia

As mentioned, I looked at various software in the wildlife industry, but most software are converted from normal farming activities and lack some of the essentials needed for wildlife breeding programs.
I already made the decision to purchase the GMS software, as this software, in my opinion, is miles ahead of the rest (I should not be telling you this I guess!).
Hein Gillen - Rietfontein

We received the darts in time, thank you very much
Marina Kruger

Take care and thanks for the good service
Dr. Douw Grobler
Wildlife Veterinarian


Dankie vir die vriendelike telefoniese hulp
Diekie Muller

Thank you for your time and effort !!
Dr. Walter Reisinger
Wildlife Veterinarian– Namibia

You do play an major role... getting all the collars, camera traps, radio tracking gear to us and sending replacement parts up when we have an emergency. You are an important part of this. Thank you!
Colleen Begg
Niassa Carnivore Project – Mozambique

Thank you very much for the prompt service with the order. It has already arrived!
Dr.Charmaine Rous
Wildlife Veterinarian

You have worked miracles and been a great help. Really, really appreciate it!
Thanks so much for everything
Cathy Dreyer
Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism Agency

Baie dankie dat jy altyd so vriendelik en behulpsaam is! Jy is 'n regte ster!!
Pieter Oberholzer
Limpopo Wild

I gave your contact details to the branch manager.
He wanted to know about capture nets.......said you were the best guys in the business!!!
Leanne Joubert

Thank you for your prompt service
The order was received late yesterday afternoon.
Gaylene Ford
Favour Stud

Dankie vir jul goeie diens!
Duane Grove

Thanks for the good service...it is highly appreciated!!
Dr Douw Grobler
Wildlife Veterinarian

Ek het die oefenpyltjies en blanks ontvang. Baie dankie vir jul professionele en vinnige diens!!!
Sien julle dalk binnekort, ek begin die X-Caliber al hoe meer oorweeg!
Francois Haasbroek

Thank you very much.
I appreciate your interest and ongoing support.
Dr Rainer Hassel – Kudu Rabies Project Namibia

We appreciate your assistance and look forward to hearing from you.
All the best,
Angus Sholto Douglas
Kwandwe Game Reserve

It is a pleasure and thank you for your service!
Anina Webb
Thaba Tholo

Baie dankie . groot waardering vir julle puik diens…..iets wat deesdae baie skaars is.
Tenesia Landman

Thanks so much for your great service ! I do have the new transmitter system already and am loving it !
Dr Peter Rodgers
Wildlife Veterinarian

JJ, it was great to meet you and to find out more about what you do. Thanks for your time. We are so impressed by your work ethics, your professionalism and your hands on approach. Your experience and knowledge is worth such a lot.
We will always refer people to you......... We do it gladly, knowing that they are getting the best service and products from you. Thanks a mill.
Leanne Joubert

Thank you so much for your help!
Dr Fritz Ras
Wildlife Veterinarian

I received the XCaliber back today and just a short note to thank you very much for the expeditious way in which the matter was handled. It is much appreciated as I virtually use the dart gun on a daily basis.
Johan Rabie
Chimoyo Game Ranch

I picked up the antenna and cables today, thanks for the speedy delivery.
David Marneweck
Endangered Wildlife Trust

Wil net van die geleendheid gebruik maak om VREESLIK dankie te sê vir die onlangse order...
Ons het alles ontvang vandag... Weereens dankie vir al die inligting en advies!!!
Dr Juan Batt
Wildlife Veterinarian

Dankie vir julle flink diens!
Cobus van Vuuren
JAVAVU Game Farm & Lodge

Thanks for providing all details for the collar !
Have a great weekend and once again thank you for perfect team work !
Dr N Gadow


Thank you for the great service you are rendering. I appreciate it a lot.
Dr. BF van Huyssteen
Wildlife Veterinarian

I just want to say thanks a stack for the order and quick delivery.
Dylan Smith
Tswalu Kalahari Reserve

Thank you for speedy and efficient service.
Axel Hartmann

Received parcel , thanks for excellent service !
Martin van Staden

We really do appreciate your speedy service and competency. Look forward to doing business in the future again.
Walter – Kalahari Wild

Baie dankie , het pakkie ontvang. Dankie vir julle vinnige diens !!
Dr. van Rensburg Wildlife Veterinarian

Thank you very much for the package. We had received it in Windhoek.
Thanks for your professional service, we will talk again in the future.
Jaco Levin – Namibia

Wow, you guys are efficient! Thanks so much.
Am getting so exciting for the trip and this camera is going to add such a fun dimension to this and the many other trips we will do in the future. Can’t think why I didn’t purchase one before!
Duncan Butcher
E Oppenheimer & Sons

I would just like to thank you. I received everything, I appreciate the excellent service.
Dr Coreen Visser
Wildlife Veterinarian

Just to let you know and acknowledge that we have received the Projector, darts and charges all in excellent condition and correct numbers.
Dr H Kamboyi
Wildlife Veterinarian – Zambia

The feedback from the clients on the stretchers is very positive
Johann Bosch
Dinaka Game Reserve

Just would like to say thank you, it does not go unnoticed and is appreciated
Kim Parry

Thanks a lot again for all your professional help and service!
Janek Hoth
Okonjima Lodge Namibia & Africat Foundation

Baie dankie vir julle goeie diens, dit word hoog op die prys gestel.
Cizelle Naude


Baie dankie vir julle puik diens
Ferdie Oosthuizen

Really appreciate you sending all this through …Clearly I need to use you more often !
Murray Stockoe
Wildlife Veterinarian

All the goods arrived in good order, thanks.
Andre Engelbrecht

Thank you so much for the AWESOME service you provide to us all the time. I was delighted to receive my parcel so soon ! You are the only company I know that has such great service.
Well done !! Much appreciated!
Savannah Rose

Thank you for the excellent service!!
Ean van den Beam

Ek het sopas terug gekeer nadat ek die naweek by n veearts-pel van my in die Oos Kaap gekuier het, waar ek hom met die grootste oortuiging van jul en julle goeie diens vertel het.
Dr Willie van Heerden
Wildlife Veterinarian

Baie dankie vir die goeie diens - ek het my darts ontvang.
Ben Olivier

Thank you for all your help
Bonny Lawson – Zimbabwe

I would definitely recommend the Xcaliber from Pneu Dart. It is by far the most accurate dart gun giving you good range (up to 60 m + with 2-3 cc darts VERY accurate and even 85 m shots very doable with the 1 cc darts). I get VERY good service from Global Supplies ( so would you ! )
Dr Ulf Tubessing
Wildlife Veterinarian – Namibia


Thanks for sorting it and washing the bag! The collars were well received in time.
Dr Rosemary Groom – African Wildlife Conservation Fund

Just wanted to confirm that our new dart-gun has been delivered. Thank you both very much for all your help. Was good doing business with you !!
Cathy Dreyer
Veterinary Wildlife Services – SA National Parks

On behalf of everyone here at the N/a'an ku se Foundation I would like to extend a massive thank you for your support.
Without the support of companies such as Sirtrack and Global Supplies and individuals such as yourselves who work for them we would not be able to achieve as much as we do and both conserve animals for future generations and collect vital research data. Thank you!
Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to working with you !
Gemma Marshall
N/a'an ku se Foundation

On behalf of Minister Edna Molewa and the Department of Water and Environmental Affairs, I wish to thank Global Supplies for your participation in the recent series of Rhino Issue Manager Dialogues.
Your time and commitment to the sustainable conservation and management of our rhino population is greatly appreciated.
We hope and trust that our dialogue with you will continue in coming months and that collectively we will make a meaningful contribution to the long-term sustainability of our Rhino.
Fiona Mfeka
Administrator: Rhino Issue Management

As mentioned, I have been dealing with Global Supplies for many years and only ever received reliable, top class service and product. They provide a wide range of products and services tailored to the wildlife industry. I believe this company could prove equally useful for MET with its ambitious plans for the near future.
Dr. Ulf Tubbesing (B. V. Sc)
Wildlife Veterinarian – Namibia

Thank you! That's what I call service …
Enjoy the rest of your day
Colleen Pretorius

...much appreciated!!!
Danie Pretorius
Barrange Boerdery

I want to thank you for a very speedy service. You had the darts sent on Monday, they arrived Tuesday and were with me in the field on Wednesday ( Karasburg area)
I will def want to do business with you in future again
Dr Andreas Gaugler
Wildlife Veterinarian – Namibia

THANKS A MILLION for you being there with all your support!
Very much appreciate everything you do to help!
Antje Steinfurth PhD
Department of Zoology - University of Cape Town

The notching and fitting of Horn Implant transmitters in the Park went really well. We managed in 2 days to do 10 animals (8 of which we could put transmitters in).The transmitters were perfect and straight forward to use. We checked the signal from some of the animals we did from the helicopter before we left and they were all working, giving a good strong signal. Follow up on the ground has also shown these to be superior…
Cathy Dreyer
Veterinary Wildlife Services – SA National Parks


Baie dankie julle diens is goed
Arthur Tapuch
Mooihoek Boerdery

Beste Global Supplies (Mnr. J. Mattheus & Mnr. JJ van Altena) WRSA wil u graag bedank vir u goedgunstige borgskap / Donansie vir WRSA se Seminaar op die 25ste Maart 2011 ons waardeer u goeie gesindheid teenoor WRSA.
WRSA sien uit na ‘n langdurige en suksesvolle verhouding tussen u en die WRSA

Thanks for your efficiency…!
Leslie Mitchell

Just an email to thank you for the packages and your service. Nice to find people in South Africa that are willing to help!
Tommie Ferreira

We received the container of capture equipment yesterday. All in order and exactly what I wanted. Thank you for your assistance and the professional manner in which you handled the entire operation. It is a pleasure doing business with you
Dr Peter Openshaw
Wildlife Veterinarian – Abu Dhabi


I have received your package and want to thank you for your professional and quick support.
Cas Venter

I first want to say that I am very happy with the Dart gun I purchased from you guys. All was in order and I am very happy.
Carl-Heinz Moeller

We have received the parcel one week ago. And we were delighted to find out that the darts were exactly what we wanted. We thank you for your swift services as required by us and we are looking forward for more cooperation with you
Abdallah Bawazir
Dar es Salaam Zoo – Tanzania

JJ, Neil has asked me to mail you on his behalf to give his personal thanks to you for all your efforts and contribution. Once again many thanks for all your time and effort last month, it is really appreciated.
Tina Heron